5 Hobbies You Can Make Money On

#1 Create A Youtube Channel

If you like to stand infront of a camera and entertain, Youtube is the way. If you are interested in something, you can youtube it, it doesnt matter if its gaming, politics, unboxing, sports or something new, you can do anything on youtube.

So How Does a Youtuber Make Money?

  • Ads: If you put ads on your video and people click them, youtube will make money, and they will share that money with you, so you just need to get enough followers and you might just make a living from it. Who knows if you are the next Pewdiepie?
  • Sponsored Videos: If your channel gets a high amount of followers, some companies will probably contact you about mentioning their business in your video against payment your way. But this mostly happens to the bigger channels.

#2 Fitness

Are you a fitness expert who have always worked out for personal reasons?
Well if you love to go to the gym, you could might as well make some money out of it.

How do you make money at the gym? 

Become a personal trainer. A lot of gyms is seeking personal trainers and if you know a lot about training you might as well make money doing it. To become a personal trainer you will probably need to get certified as one, and you may need a CPR Certificate. But when those are over with you can start making money on doing what you love.

#3 Social Media

If you spend a lot of time on your social media accounts, and you know how to get followers. Then you can probably start making money on it.

How do you make money on social media?

To make money on social media, you need to have a lot of followers, but if you know how to get that, or you already have that, it shouldnt be a problem. I will show you one of the ways to make money on social media, but do some research and you can find a lot of ways to make some money.

Promote Affiliate Products: Every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, you get paid, and if you have a lot of followers, this can become a lot of money fast. On Clickbank you can find a lot of great products to promote.

#4 Reading Books

If you love reading, and just read a lot in general, then yes you can actually make money from reading books.

How do you make money from reading books?

Start a Website or a Blog, and give reviews about the books you have read. People love to read reviews before they read a book, because they want to know if the book is worth reading, so they dont waste their time on a crappy book. On your blog/website you can leave an affiliate link where they can find the book, and if they decide to buy it, you earn commission.

#5 Making Apps

Do you love to program? Then you should definitely make some apps. Apps is a very smart investment of youre time, because when you made the app, you dont need to do anything else but wait for people to use it.

How do you make money on Apps?

Ads: Putting ads on your app will only make you money if people click it, but if you make a popular app, you will definitely start seeing some money.

Dont make your app free: If you believe that your app is quality content, why dont you just put a price on it on the app store. Then you will make money every time someone buys it. But be aware that people wont buy your app if its just crap, so make sure to make some quality programming.

I hope you all found this list helpfull.
I hope you could use some of the things in this post and that you found the content usefull. Good luck with your projects!


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