5 Daily Habits That Make You Smarter

If you want to be intelligent, you need to know that it isnt something that happens overnight. BUT you can slowly increase your intelligence with some simple things, that you can make into everyday habits. So pay attention.

#1 Read The Newspaper

Reading 1 or 2 pages in the newspaper everyday doesnt take very long, but it can be a very positive thing in the long run, and here is why.

  • It increases your vocabulary.
  • You will know what is going on in the world about sports, business, politics, wars, entertainment and a lot more.
  • You will have a lot more to talk about with the people you surround yourself with.
  • You will learn to form your own opinions.
  • Just like any other muscle in the body, your brain needs exersice, and when you read your brain gets stronger and smarter.

#2 Come Up With New Ideas Daily

Carry a journal to write down new ideas every day. It doesnt matter if its business ideas, ideas on how to reduce poverty or something that haven’t been invented yet. Just think of something new so your brain and idea muscle gets exersice.

#3 Hang Out With People Who Are Smarter Than You

Spend as much time as possible with intelligent people, and ask as many questions as possible when you do. Let the intelligence infect you as if it was a diseace. If you always are around people who are intelligent, you will automatically become more intelligent.

#4 Read Books 

If you aren’t into reading the news, read a good book. Reading help’s you out in a lot of ways.

  • It increases your vocabulary, wich means you will be a more well-spoken person.
  • It help’s you express yourself better and more accurate when you have a wide vocabulary.
  • It help’s you get relaxed. If you are stressed out daily, reading could help you relax. When you read a novel and you get sucked into the story, all you think about is the book and you forget your worries completely.
  • It trains your brain.

#5 Play an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument also has a very positive effect on the brain. Coordination, memory, concentration and mathematic skills are all getting improved by playing an instrument. And it can be ANY instrument, you name it.

To Sum It Up

I hope you enjoyed these few steps to getting smarter, they are simple steps you can do in your everyday life, so try and do them and get into a rythm where you just start doing them automatically.


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