Earth is a book, and those who does not travel only gets to read one page.

Discovering the world is one of the greatest things you can do in life. We learn so much from traveling, about different cultures, food, languages, and much more. I made a list of the top 10 list of why you should travel more.

#1 Traveling Helps You Find Yourself

Traveling helps you find out who you are as a person. All the challenges and opportunities will help you discover who you are.

#2 New and Meaningfull Relationships

The people you meet when you travel doesn’t just become new friends, they become destinations to travel back to.

#3 Learn New Languages

When you travel you will automatically learn new languages as you meet new people on your path.

#4 Traveling Doesn’t Need to be Expensive 

If you plan your trip correct, you dont have to spend that much money on it.

#5 Travel is Education

Traveling is something that school never could teach you. When you travel you learn a million times more than when your reading a book. You learn about culture, politics, languages, economics and a whole lot more.

#6 Traveling Makes You a Storyteller

Do i even need to explain this one..?


When you travel, you set yourself a goal, and when your back home you can say i did it. You get the sense of accomplishment.

#8 Relieves Stress

When you travel, there isnt any appointments or anything in your schedule, you just do whatever you want to.

#9 Inspiration and Creativity

A lot of artists get their inspiration when they travel.

#10 Because its Awesome

Traveling is just Awesome in every way.


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